There’s no plan(et) b. We plant a tree every day, for $5 per month

How it works

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    Throughout our day to day lives, we leave behind a carbon footprint. From driving cars to
    ordering clothes online, we all contribute to the continuation of climate change.

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    That’s why we plant trees around the world on your behalf. These trees sequester carbon from the atmosphere and halt the effects of climate change

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    Add it costs just $5 per month. Sit back and relax while we plant trees on your behalf all around the world – all for the price of a cup of coffee per month.

5 dollars. 6 countries. 35 trees per month.

We plant trees on your behalf to offset your carbon footprint

Why folks are joining the club

There are so many tips and suggestions out there about how to reduce your carbon footprint and be more sustainable, but almost all of them tell you that you need to drastically change your lifestyle. The Daily Tree Club allows me to feel better about reducing my carbon footprint while still living the life I want to live.

From Los Angeles, USA

I was so shocked when I found out I could reduce my carbon footprint by getting someone to plant trees on my behalf. I was even more shocked when I found out it was the same price PER MONTH as one of my fancy holiday coffee drinks.
From Miami, USA

Green New Deal more like Daily Tree Club!

From Vermont, USA

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