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Making our brand more sustainable couldn’t have been easier. It was pretty obvious that our fans really care about the environment and want to support sustainable companies. We reached out to PTP, and within hours launched our own custom campaign. We now plant 10 trees per book sold and our fans love it.

Samantha S
CEO of Musikal Husky

Our fans are absolutely stoked that we plant trees around the world, and that we’re invested in the planet, too. Plant the Peace made it exceptionally easy for us to offset our carbon-footprint, and distinguish us amongst compeititors in a space that rewards sustainability.

Ryan W
CMO at Serengetee

How our bespoke partnerships transform brand image

Planting Trees

We plant trees around the world on behalf of your brand. Starting at just 15¢ per tree planted, it’s the easiest and most affordable way to make your brand more sustainable.

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Cleaning Waterways

We clean waterways around the world and remove waste products – from cigarette butts to plastic straws – from our international waterways.

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Coral Restoration

We restore coral reefs around the world, promoting biodiversity and combatting climate change by protecting the “rainforests of the sea” –

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Our suatainable partners around the world

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