Let’s craft a custom partnership tailored to your brands environmental interests and budget

Bespoke partnerships of all sizes


We craft a completely unique partnership, tailored around your carbon output and budget. Whether your brand is interested in cleaning up a beach or going carbon-negative, or something in between, we make it happen.

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Our partnerships are tailored around your brand’s budget and goals. Starting at just 15₵ per tree planted, or 75¢ per pound of trash removed from a waterway – your brand can be more sustainable, overnight – through our variable-cost, affordable partnerships.

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Show your fans that you truly do care, instantly through our unique partnerships. Restore a coral reef or plant a forest on your brands behalf, with the click of a button. We handle the sustainability side of things – from carrying out transformative projects around the world to branding – so you can focus on running your brand.

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We make your brand more sustainable, effortlessly

Fixed-cost, monthly tree-planting donation packages


$7.50Per Month

50 Trees
What you get…
  • Trees planted across 6 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Providing fulltime jobs to tree-planters
  • 100% tax-deductable

$15 Per Month

100 Trees
Every thing in Sprout+
  • Custom Plant the Peace URL with free
  • counter and links
  • Access to some social media content.
  • Updates about where trees are planted and their impact
  • Contributes to building educational games taught to students around the world

$35 Per Month

250 Trees
Every thing in Green+
  • Featured on our emailling list to users
  • Access to all social media content
  • Hang-able sign starting you plant trees with plant trees with plant the peace

$70 Per Month

500 Trees
Every thing in Silver+
  • Featured on all promotions and events as a featured plant the peace partner
  • Featured on Plant the peace gold partners page
  • Custom signs and posters showing how many trees your brand plant a month
  • 50 free trees

$140Per Month

1000 Trees
Every thing in Platinum+
  • Featured on plant peace homepage
  • Featured as the sponsar on the educated games
  • Branded partnership for social media
  • 100 free trees

Bespoke partnerships, for every budget

Fixed-cost, monthly donations

Your brand makes a fixed-cost monthly donation. Whether your brand wants to plant a certain amount of trees per month, or clean a beach every month – we make that happen. Whether your brand is planting 100 trees per month or 100,000, cleaning one beach or a hundred, or restoring a section of a coral-reef or growing your own – we can make it happen. Instantly transform your brand image with a completely tax-deductible, monthly donation, and be the sustainable leader in your space.

Variable pricing

We craft a bespoke partnership, based on your brand’s budget. Whether you’d like to plant a tree for every tee shirt sold, or one thousand trees per house constructed, we make that happen. Let’s link a sustainable initiative to a certain good or product good or product, and let’s start growing your forest around the world. Starting at 15¢ per tree, there truly is no better way to be more sustainable.

Customer's choice

Let customers choose if they would like to donate on behalf of your PTP Campaign. Whether it’s planting trees or cleaning waterways, or anything between – your brand can have a profound impact without footing the bill. Show customers your brand cares without breaking the bank. From e-commerce sites, to brick-and-mortar shops, our partnerships enable you to make a big difference without spending a dime. Show customers you care and offer the option them the option of offsetting their purchase by planting trees around the world, or restoring a coral-reef.

One-time donations

Have your brand make a one-time donation for any amount – and specify where exactly your donation is being utilized. From planting trees (starting at 15¢ per tree planted to removing plastic from oceans (starting at 75¢ per pound of plastic removed) – know exactly what your brand’s impact, and how your dollars are being allocated. Show your fan-base that you truly care about our planet and combatting climate change.

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Pricing for projects - from planting trees to restoring coral

Planting Trees

¢15Per tree planted

We plant trees on behalf of your brand, starting at ¢15 per tree planted
  • Providing full-time jobs to tree-planters across 6 sub-Saharan African countries
  • Custom Plant the Peace URL including your brand’s info and auto-populating tree count
Cleaning Waterways

¢75 Per pound of plastic removed

We clean waterways around the world…
  • We employ local young adults to clean local waterways – from beaches in the Philippines to canals in New Orleans, we make it happen. across…
  • Improving sanitary conditions, drinking waters, protecting marine-life, and tackling poverty – one piece of trash at a time.
  • Your brand can sponsor waterway cleanups, starting at just 75¢ per pound of plastic removed
  • Choose exactly where your tree are planted
Restoring Coral Reefs

$2.50Per square foot restored

We restore coral-reefs…
  • Protecting the “rainforests of the sea” by restoring coral-reefs around the world.
  • Your brand can sponsor coral-reef restoration efforts, down to the square-foot – starting at just $2.50 per square-foot of coral-reef restored.
Entire Beach Cleanup

$250Per beach cleaned

We clean an entire beach on your brands behalf
  • Uganda
  • Receive raw and edited footage of your beach clean-up in the process
  • Direct story from the young adults who cleaned the beach and the impact your donation has had on their lives (via video)
  • Before and after shots of your beach clean-up, including statistics on exactly how much trash was collected
Restore a Whole Reef

$290Per coral reef restored

Restore an entire coral reef
  • Coral reefs are vital to our planets biodiversity and our marine life
  • Sponsor an entire coral-reef restoration campaign
  • Direct raw and edited footage of your coral restoration campaign

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Contributions to Plant the Peace are tax-deductable to the extent permitted by law.