How it Works


You play super fun games that teach you things - from world geography to vocabulary. Every time you get ten correct answers, a tree is planted somewhere around the world - rewarding your brain and our planet!

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Our fun, educational games are designed by pros! From teachers to psychologists, engineers to gameing-wizards, our team creates games that are super fun and that actually teach!

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We Plant Trees

And a lot of them! Every time you get ten answers right, we send the funds required to plant a tree to one of our amazing tree-planting partners around the world - from Cameroon to the Amazon. By playing games you can help save our planet while getting smarter!

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Combatting climate change through education & action

We're working to combat climate change and promote biodiversity through education and action - from every approach possible. We work to create incredible, free educational tools that actually teach, and reward users (and our planet) by doing awesome things like planting trees or removing plastic from waterways. We're working to tackle climate change by employing several mechanisms - from planting trees, to restoring coral reefs, to removing plastic from waterways, to glass recycling projects, and so much more. Lastly, we're working to make sustainability as easy and accessible as possible - by partnering with (awesome) people and businesses aiming to be more green.

Plant the Peace is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. | Tax ID number: 83-4524429.
Contributions to Plant the Peace are tax-deductable to the extent permitted by law.