Converting glass into erosion-fighting sand

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Almost every piece of glass used in New Orleans ends up in a landfill as there’s currently no glass-pickup recycling across the city. So we launched the NOLA Glass Recycling Project – to help save as much glass from landfills as possible! So we set-up a pilot Glass Recycling Program in New Orleans – to help make NOLA as sustainable as can be! We’re setting up 20 hotspots across the city where anyone can drop off glass whenever they please – all totally for free. We’ll come by every two weeks and collect the glass and bring it to a recycling facility across the city.


And the best part? We’ll recycle the glass in-house and turn it into sand used to fight coastal erosion and for disaster relief efforts. We plan to sell our sandbags at a below-market price for disaster relief projects, enabling those who need the vital resource to receive it more easily and affordably.


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Drop any glass item off at any of the following hotspots

Free Glass Drop-off Hotspots Across NOLA:





Freret Street and Calhoun Street

New Orleans, LA 70118

Link to drop-off spot


Tulane University


The Labyrinth

Freret Street and Audubon Street

New Orleans, LA 70118

Link to drop-off spot




Pepperoni’s Cafe

8123 Hampson St

New Orleans, LA 70118

Link to drop-off spot


Garden district


Rayne Memorial United Methodist Church

3900 St Charles Ave

New Orleans, LA 70115

Link to drop-off spot

Launching 2/25/20




More free drop-off hotspots launching this week!





Resident or business owner in NOLA? We’ll pickup your glass!

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