Play. Learn. Plant.


Together we’ve planted 9624 trees around the world!

How It Works?

Every game played plants a tree around the world. Learn more → 

  • location

    You play fun, educational games and learn about the environment and world. For every 10 questions you get right, we plant a tree.

  • nature

    We partner with sustainable companies working to offset their carbon contribution, and Trees For The Future who plant trees across five countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • oz-layer

    We facilitate planting trees all over the world to help combat climate change. By playing games and learning, you’re helping save our planet.

Our Partners

We partner with ethically-responsible brands & organizations working to offset their carbon contribution.  Learn more → 


Combating climate change requires a two-pronged approach: Education and Action. This is why we work every day to educate users on our site with fun games while simultaneously planting trees around the world to offset carbon emissions. By playing our games, you can learn more about the world around us while effectively planting trees – all for free! We partner with ethical and sustainable brands and people, who support our cause in order to reduce their carbon footprint. Together we can make a change. Play. Learn. Plant.    Learn more →